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Rose Elliot
Rose Elliot Dr Michael Dixon


Rose is well-known as a writer on vegetarianism. Her first book, Simply Delicious, caused quite a stir when it was published in 1967 as there was then only one vegetarian cookery book on general sale in the UK. Rose feels that it would have been difficult to find a publisher, as vegetarian food was considered a bit whacky at the time.

Rose was a vegetarian from the age of three, and was brought up on brown rice and wholemeal bread long before they became fashionable. Her family were all vegetarian and their diet relied heavily on pulses, lentils and nuts.

She took a job cooking vegetarian food at her family’s retreat centre, White Eagle Lodge. Rose enjoyed the challenge and used her inventiveness to create new recipes. People enjoyed her food so much that they were continually asking for her recipes. She decided to use them and produced a small publication for the White Eagle Lodge charity. Four copies were produced for publicity, with one going to The Times and another to Woman’s Hour. The book got rave reviews and bookshops started to demand copies. Her career as a cookery writer was launched.

Rose’s first book, Simply Delicious, has since been followed by over 50 other books, making Rose one of the best-selling cookery writers in the English-speaking world. Amongst these books were her all-time best-sellers The Bean Book and Not Just a Load Of Old Lentils.

Since Rose began writing, the number of people who are vegetarian or partially vegetarian has expanded from a few hundred thousand, to around 4 million in the UK. Many people say that it was Rose’s books which helped them and inspired them to change their way of eating.

Rose has contributed to a variety of magazines and newspapers and broadcast many times on radio and television. In October 2005 Rose began a weekly column, The Vegetarian Kitchen, in the Guardian Weekend magazine.

Rose is patron of the Vegetarian Society of the UK, VIVA (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) and The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation. She also supports Compassion in World Farming, and OXFAM for whom she has written three best-selling books to raise funds.

Married, with three daughters, Rose lives in Hampshire, and in London. She is a member of MENSA, and her other interests include yoga and astrology. Rose is a professionally qualified astrologer, runs an astrological consultancy – Rose Elliot Horoscopes - with her husband, and has written Horoscope Pages for many popular magazines including Woman’s Realm, She and Here’s Health.

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