What is The Quiet Mind Centre?     

Are you experiencing stress-related illnesses? 

Are you feeling depressed?

Are you on state benefit or on a very low income? 


If so, The Quiet Mind Centre is able to offer counselling, healing and other complementary therapies in return for a donation. 


The Quiet Mind Centre is based in Exmouth, Devon and is staffed by therapists and receptionists who freely donate their time and skills. Your location is not important – if you need our help, and can get to us, we welcome you at The Quiet Mind Centre.

We are dedicated to providing therapies to people who are suffering from a physical, emotional or stress related health problem or bereavement, and, who are on some form of a benefit such as students, pensioners, income support, unemployed, or, who are on a low income. To name but a few. 


How Do You Get Help?


Clients are usually referred to us by their GPs, social workers or health visitors. Other charities or statutory organisations may also recommend The Centre.  You can also self-refer. 


If you would like our help, we ask you to make an appointment for an initial assessment with Karen, our Centre Manager, so that the appropriate therapist and therapy can be matched to your needs. Confidentiality will be assured at all times.


If you do not qualify for treatment from The Centre, we can refer you to other therapists who have their own private practices. 

The Quiet Mind Centre (limited by guarantee). Registered Company number: 02869344. Registered Charity Number: 1029636 


Registered Address: The Quiet Mind Centre, 14 Hartley Road, Exmouth, EX8 2SG. Telephone: 01395 270070

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