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Who are we?

The Quiet Mind Centre is a charity based in Exmouth, East Devon. For over 30 years it has been dedicated to the improvement of well-being and mental health in the community by providing healing, counselling and other complementary therapies to adults on state benefits or a very low income. It is run by a committed and loyal team of over 60 volunteers. 


As a charity, we are a not-for-profit organisation, funded solely by grants, bequests and client donations.


What Can We Offer Our Clients?


The Quiet Mind Centre is committed to providing a confidential, professional service. We aim to build and maintain a relationship of mutual trust, compassion and respect for all clients.  Our Therapists are all qualified in their field or are currently undergoing professional training in Counselling and/or Psychotherapy. Our counsellors are fully insured; DBS checked and receive regular supervision.


At The Centre, we regularly review the therapies available and are always seeking to expand the range we are able to offer. However, therapies on offer at any one time will depend on the availability of therapists. We therefore cannot guarantee to offer a specific therapy, although every effort will be made to offer an appropriate one that serves the needs of the client.



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