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What is Healing?


Healing is based on the principle that in our world there exists a universal energy or life force. This energy may also be referred to as divine energy or simply healing energy.


For healing to work, you do not need to have any particular religious beliefs. All that is needed is an open mind. Healing does work most effectively when the client is relaxed and comfortable with the healer and receptive to the healing energy.  Depending on the healer, relaxation may be offered in a variety of ways, such as music, visualisation or a guided body relaxation exercise before the healing itself begins.


What are the Benefits of Healing?


  • Helps to reduce pain

  • Helps to improve sleep

  • Helps with relaxation

  • Helps to reduce anxiety, tension and stress

  • Assists with wound healing

  • Assists clear-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving

  • Can help with chronic conditions such as migraine, IBS, ME, Fibromyalgia.

  • Can help reduce the systems of many other diseases or conditions.

  • Can benefit people in unexpected ways.


How does Healing Work?


During a healing session the healer opens their awareness to the universal energy and directs it to the client. The client receives the healing energy which flows through the healer, but does not come from the healer. A healer treats the whole person and not specific diseases as the aim is to re-balance the energy of the client and allow natural healing to take place.


What does a Healing Session involve?


A healing session can last anything from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the level of need of the client and the approach taken by the healer.  Usually an appointment with a healer at The Centre will last about an hour.  This allows time for clients to talk to their healer about their problems should they wish to do so.


It is not required to remove any clothing with the exception of a coat and possibly the shoes.  Healing can take place while sitting in a chair, but most people prefer to receive healing while lying on a therapy couch as it is more relaxing.

Most healers will keep their hands two or three inches above the body, whilst others (with the client’s permission) might lightly touch the body during the healing session.  Some healers will direct the healing energy to all parts of the body, focusing on those areas or organs which specifically need help.  Other healers may work with the aura and /or the seven main energy centres of the body (known as chakras).


Are there any side effects to Healing?


Healing is suitable for everyone from the very young to the very old.  On receiving healing it is quite common to experience sensations of tingling, heat or occasionally coolness.  These are not painful or uncomfortable and soon pass.  Some people find healing so relaxing that afterwards they may need to home and rest for an hour or so.

The response to a healing session may vary, and the benefits may be immediately apparent as healing continues long after the session has ended.  It is possible to become a little emotional as balance is restored on any levels whilst healing seeks out the underlying causes of the client’s problems.  If the problem is deep rooted it may take several sessions before the client begins to feel the benefit.

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