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How We Work

New clients experiencing physical or emotional problems who feel they may be helped by our range of complementary therapies are seen by an experienced member of staff to assess their requirement as part of the initial appointment. To book your first appointment, refer to the Contact Us webpage. The appropriate combination of therapies are then suggested to the client. 

Our objective is to work holistically on the physical, mental and emotional aspects. the client has control of his/her treatments at all times. 

Our Staff 

Our qualified, dedicated counsellors, healers and therapists generously donate their time free of charge to The Centre as do the voluntary receptionists. 

As part of our Board of Directors, we also have three active officers including: Adele Searle, Trevor Keenan and, Nicholas Flynn. 

The Cost 

While we do not charge a fee, a minimum donation of £8 or £16 per treatment, depending on its duration, is suggested to help pay for the rental and upkeep of The Centre. Any client who cannot afford this contribution is treated with sympathy and understanding when discussing the issue with The Centre office or Trevor Keenan or the Assessor a client can afford a more generous donation they are welcome to make one please use the contact us page. 

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