Therapies offered at The Quiet Mind
The Centre offers a variety of complementary therapies, subject to availability. Our current therapies on offer are counselling, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and healing

The therapy the client is offered will entirely depend on the availability of therapists we have volunteering at The Centre at the time they come for their assessment. We cannot guarantee to offer a specific therapy at any one time, but every effort will be made to offer an appropriate one. The Centre is most concerned that each client should feel they can trust their therapist and be comfortable with the therapy they are offered.

The therapists will need to discuss with the client some personal details and medical history, to ensure that the therapy they are offering is appropriate for them.  All information the client gives, and any therapy they receive is in total confidence, as all the therapists adhere to the rules of total confidentiality.

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