Zero Balancing


Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful method of balancing body energy with body structure using skilled touch. Zero Balancing integrates western knowledge of our body with oriental insights into energy, recognising the ways our body heals itself and how we maintain good health.  

Zero Balancing session lasts between 30 and 40 minutes during which you remain fully clothed. The work is performed with you sitting and then lying comfortably on your back on a massage table.  Zero Balancing uses held stretches and finger pressure with a focus on bones and joints. It takes a person into a place of refreshing relaxation which can bring about a profound experience of well-being and body-felt unity. The touch used in Zero Balancing has a characteristic clarity which is pleasurable to receive.

The gentle but firm touch brings about a return of flexibility, encourages good posture and clears stiffness in a richly restorative way. The sensitivity of touch used in Zero Balancing returns us to ourselves whilst simultaneously opening to an awareness of a centred presence in the world.

Zero Balancing is very useful when we are becoming overwhelmed by stresses in our lives which in turn can lead to a decline in our vitality and our ability to adapt to change. Contemporary life is increasingly attracting us into a virtual experience, with life being lived at an ever-faster pace. Staying in touch with the actual world and its natural rhythms is an essential reality check which is valuable in maintaining the balance which is health.